Awake in Wonder

Awake in wonder lake at dawn

A one on one in person coaching retreat at dawn.

Are you desperate for a retreat but stuck with a busy schedule?  Are you looking for something more than a spa treatment-- something that will delight all your senses and offer you insight about your life?  Do you love being outdoors but never seem to find the time to simply be present without an additional agenda like exercising?  Do you crave being outside in stillness and wonder?  Would you like to begin your day in a beautiful way?

Join Carla for Awake in Wonder, a morning coaching retreat in nature to reconnect with your wild self, find answers you've been seeking and become refreshed and rejuvenated.

There is magic in the forest as night transforms to day and you can be there to experience it.

How it works:  

Before: You'll receive specific guidelines to help you prepare and reflect to receive the most from the retreat experience.  You'll begin the magic the evening before.

The Retreat: We'll meet at a pre-determined and agreed upon outdoor location, 30 minutes prior to sunrise.  You'll arrive ready to receive guidance from your own intuition and from the messages that nature always has for you if you slow down to listen. Together we will walk, sit, explore, discover, feast, write and simply be. In just two and a half delicious and restorative hours you'll discover new insights and answers to your questions and concerns. You'll feel a connection to deep stillness. You'll set the foundation for your own continued practice grounded in nature. You'll be renewed and rejuvenated, with a plan and a message specifically created for you. You'll continue the rest of your day refreshed and ready, whether you head back home, off to work, or on a further personal day of adventure.


After:  You'll receive support and specific steps to maximize the impact of your retreat, and an opportunity to schedule a follow up 20 minute coaching call to assist you in continuing on the journey.

Total investment: $220

Ready to experience your own beautiful Awake in Wonder Retreat?  Contact me and we will schedule it. 

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I loved everything about the Awake in Wonder retreat. Sunrise is a favorite time for me and this was an even more beautiful way to experience it. Being with Carla allowed me to focus on myself and remain in that meditative mindset that’s not as easy to do when I’m alone. When I’m by myself I start thinking about the day ahead etc. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to gain some special insight, begin their day differently, and ease their stress. I look forward to doing it again!
— Ulla Gaudin, Tiffin and Posh
Everything about this was so joyful. It was magical, expansive, and affirming. Being with Carla made me feel supported so that I could explore the natural world in a way that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

This retreat made all the “noise” go away for a morning. It allowed me to experience both the woods and my own mind and reflect about my life and business with a peace and ease that is impossible to achieve in front of the laptop. I loved being able to be totally present and safe and content in nature.

I would 100% do this again, and I would recommend this to anyone who feels “too busy” but has a real curiosity, willingness and desire to slow down.
— Lelia Gowland, Gowland Consulting LLC
I loved being out of my routine and beginning the day in nature. Walking in meditation and conversing with elements of nature brought powerful lessons. Being with Carla makes the experience safer and more comfortable— Carla held the space so I could relax fully and let go.
— Tamarin H., New Orleans